Mike "the Announcer"

Michael Strader

Mike “the announcer”- is a veteran radio personality with an extensive background in the high-tech computer and electronics field.  He has been the co-host his own live talk show since 2001. His show has aired on KRLA and KPLS in the highly prized LA Market and can now be heard worldwide on IYF Radio.

Mike has done the co-writing, voicing and producing of commercials, promos and public service announcements for a wide variety of clients.  Mike has also produced and voiced "books on tape", self-help scripts and done movie table reads.  In the award winning animated feature film "Eye of the Bennu" Mike was the voice of General Khanum and Elazar.

In 2002 Mike built Toad Studios so that he had a quality production environment to better serve his clients.  It is here at Toad Studios that we can take a project from initial conception through to final production in a comfortable integrated environment.


  1. AutoTalk Promo                  :08
  2. Yankee Doodle 103-1         :60
  3. Little Essays Toward Truth   :34
  4. Funny Norm Thing               :40
  5. Performance Plus 2A           :60
  6. What is Money?                1:14
  7. Larry Loves us!                 1:20
  8. USC 407-2A1                    :60
  9. Just go to the Break!            :28
  10. Eye of the Bennu - Elazar     :18
  11. Eye of the Bennu - Khanum  :17
  12. Relax and Begin                 1:19

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