When we first started broadcast operations out of Toad Studios our content was delivered to terrestrial stations via ISDN line through a Zephyr encoder and then we made the leap to sending our content up to a Clear Channel Satellite for distribution.  Yeah, those were good old days of the 20th century!  Gone are the T1's, the ISDN, and the land line phones.  Toad Studios now has a 24/7 dedicated stream on SurferNetwork delivered over the internet through our FIOS fiber connection and our phones are all cellular.  This, of course, means that in the 21st century our cost to broadcast a show has been reduced by a factor of about ten.

Since its inception, Toad Studios had been the home of the IYF Radio Show which broadcast only on Saturday for one hour.  Since then the IYF Radio Show has gone to two hours, three days a week and Toad Studios has had the pleasure of hosting several other shows for the broadcasting market.

If you need a home for a show or just want to distribute a single performance, let us know.  Toad Studios can offer you a professional, experienced environment to get your broadcast out to the world.




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